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Who we help

Our clients are individuals and family groups with complex needs – we are a trusted financial partner at their side delivering expert wealth advice.

Executives and business leaders

We help time-poor business leaders develop and execute the right wealth strategy to advance their life goals.

Whether they’re working towards financial independence, a foundation, or a multi-generational legacy – we keep these clients on track with lateral and strategic thinking, and a constant focus on the bigger picture – so they’re always positioned to make the right moves at the right time.

We ensure their wealth creation plan is built on solid assets that will stand the test of time – protected by buffers, asset protection strategies and insurance. 


People dealing with life changes

We help people dealing with divorce, or those who have lost their life partners, to manage their wealth to rebuild their lives.

With these clients, our job is to make things clear and simple, remove stress and keep an eye on the future. We help people understand the long-term financial implications of divorce agreements, wills or bequests. 

In times of crisis, change and uncertainty, we are at their side as a sounding board, supporter or advisor. If people have to deal with difficult parties – ex-partners, family or former business partners – we are on their team throughout the mediation process.

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People transitioning to retirement

We give people certainty they are making the right decisions with their life savings in a complex financial world.


Our clients make the transition to retirement safe in the knowledge that they have the capital to maintain their lifestyle, that their generational prosperity is protected – and their estate is prepared for every contingency.

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Transitioning to retirement
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We bring retirees proven, qualified sources of investment and deeply extensive planning experience to keep capital safe from catastrophic shocks.


With Bridge by their side, these clients know exactly how their money is working for them – and have confidence they are well prepared for whatever the future brings. 

Jessica Waller

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today. The same goes for your financial plan."

Jessica Waller


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For an obligation free chat about your financial planning needs, please fill out the contact form below, email us on or call (02) 9953 1373.

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